Zone Touch 3 WiFi Controller

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Zone Touch 3

Better Comfort. Better Savings.

Touch screen and app control of the volume of conditioned air throughout your home. Kit includes Touchscreen, control module, transformer and all cabling excluding zone motor cables (perfect for retrofit of an existing 24v system).

Savings Matters

Zone your ducted air conditioning for more comfort and energy savings.

With ZoneTouch 3 as a part of your ducted air conditioning installation, everyone can enjoy their own comfort level and you can save energy by turning off the airflow for rooms not in use.

You can also save money by reducing the size of the air conditioner you need by up to 20% when you zone it, as well as on power costs into the future.

Save Money

Zone Touch 3 is a touch screen controller to let you control which rooms of your home are air-conditioned and prevent wasting conditioned air on rooms not in use.

App Control for iOS & Android

The remote control is already in your pocket with the new ZoneTouch 3 App to control your climate control zoning.

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