Frequently Asked Questions


How do I figure out what size split system I need?

Use our sizing calculator to calculate the correct size for your needs.

How long does an air conditioning installation normally take?

An installation of a split system can vary from a couple hours for a basic back to back installation on the ground floor, upto a full day depending on the complexity of the installation.

Ducted system installations can range from a full day with several technicians onsite to multiple days for more complex installations.

I’ve completed the sizing and installation calculator and want to proceed with the install. Whats next?

Firstly, thank you for trusting us with your new investment. We review all enquiries for accuracy. Once this process has been completed, we will be in touch via email or phone to confirm your order or ask for further details. (you can help us out here by providing as much information/detail as possible). AC Brisbane has a general lead time of 5 - 10 business days, depending on the season. We will get in touch with you as soon as we see your order (for supply and installation) and book in the next available time to complete the installation with you.

How long is your warranty?

AC Brisbane technicians are highly trained and skilled refrigeration and electrical technicians. Therefore, we match our supplier warranty terms. We only stock and install the most reliable, well known brands in the market with a minimum 5 year warranty from the manufacturers, and 5 year installation warranty from AC Brisbane (subject to annual servicing for domestic clients and quarterly servicing for commercial clients).

How do i claim warranty?

You can find more information here at our Warranty page

What is reverse cycle air conditioning?

Reverse cycle air conditioning means the system cools like a regular air conditioner, but has the ability to heat the room by changing the flow of the hot gas from the outside unit to the inside unit. 99% of new systems today are “reverse cycle”

What is an inverter air conditioner?

An inverter, in relation to air conditioning systems is a technology used to control the speed of the compressor motor in the outdoor system. This has many advantages. The compressor can regulate its output and speed, meaning far less power consumption and increased room temperature accuracy compared to “fixed speed” compressors. Every new split or ducted system should now feature an inverter compressor.

How do i stop geckos from breaking my air conditioner?

This is a very common question, and we have a solution to assist you. AC Brisbane uses a process to apply a treatment that coats the motherboards, making them corrosion and gecko resistant, it does not affect its functionality, or your manufacturers guarantee. Pests can still crawl into the air conditioning unit, but the treatment acts like a barrier guarding the sensitive electrical circuitry.

The solution is impermeable, meaning even if the geckos release fluids onto the circuit board, it will still be protected. As a bonus, this treatment is also completely harmless to geckos and other pests. Manufacturers like Panasonic have a similar treatment process of their circuit boards applied at the assembly stage.

I live in an area with high humidity. Will the air conditioner help to dehumidify my room?

Most definitely! Air conditioners remove humidity in both cooling and dry (dehumidifer) mode. The excess humidity in the room is removed by the indoor coil and drained outside via a drain installed by the installer.

Im concerned about air quality. Do air conditioners clean the air?

All air conditioners filter out dust and small particles during operation. The dust is caught by the filters in the system (this is one of the servicing procedures we complete during servicing) Some systems like the Panasonic Deluxe series have a built in air purification device (nanoeX) to remove 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mould, allergens and pollen. Others like the Daikin Cora range utilise advanced filtration that traps microscopic particles, decomposes odours and even deactivates bacteria.

I want to replace an old air conditioner. Should i get the same size?

Depending on the age of your air conditioner it is not always guaranteed that your replacement should be the same kW capacity size. Check out our Sizing Calculator to confirm.

How often should i clean my air conditioner filters?

We recommend cleaning your filters twice a year. Once in spring (before heavy usage) and once in Autumn (after heavy usage). This will ensure your system is clean for the upcoming summer period and cleaned after the heavy usage period, ready for winter and heating. You can find more information on our AC Services page if your air conditioning system is dirty or mouldy. We provide three (3) cleaning options to remove dirt and mould from your system. Our premium option utilises a chemical free, superheated (200*c) steam that eliminates all dirt and mould from your system, it is extremely environmentally friendly too (no abrasive chemicals used)

For commercial clients, where the air conditioning system runs 8 hours or more a day, we recommend monthly servicing and cleaning of filters.

Do you charge for a quote?

We provide Free online quotes. To get an estimate, you can use our sizing and install calculator. If you’re unsure and need a site visit, there is an $89 fee thats fully refunded upon acceptance of our quotation.

My Air Conditioner is not working/cooling. Can I get a quote to repair it?

AC Brisbane has a callout fee of $165 including gst. This is our minimum charge and includes up to one hour labour onsite. If the technician onsite can diagnose and repair the fault within this time (without parts and materials) then the total price is $165. If minor replacement parts or materials/consumables are required, the technician onsite will provide a verbal quote before continuing with the repair. If major parts are required from the manufacturer (motherboards, fans or refrigerant etc), we will email a quote with a list of parts and labour required to complete the repair. Note(s) our quotes via email do not include the initial “callout” fee of $165 for diagnosis. This is invoiced separately.

My split system isn’t working. How can I tell what's wrong with it?

Daikin: Aim the remote controller at the air conditioner. Press and hold the “timer cancel” button for approximately 5 seconds. Release when “00” is displayed on the controller. Press (short press) the “cancel” button until a long beep is heard (double beep is an associated fault) The long beep represents the fault code in your air conditioner (e.g long beep on U4). Note - A long beep on “00” means no faults present/recorded.

Panasonic: Aim the remote controller at the air conditioner. Press and hold the “check” button for approximately 5 seconds. Release when “--” is displayed. Press (short press) the timer “^” button to scroll through the error codes list, until a “long beep” is heard. The long beep represents the fault code in your air conditioner (e.g. long beep on F99).

I bought my own system, can you install it?

Although this is a common occurrence, we do not provide “install only” services. AC Brisbane knows every aspect of the products we supply and install. This allows for a smooth and efficient installation as we know all the additional installation materials required to complete a successful installation in one visit. We can also promise, our systems are the latest models and not old stock.