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Wireless Room Sensor

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Smart, discrete temperature sensors

The Individual Temperature Control sensors themselves are wireless and battery-powered. They work like thermostats and monitor the temperature of each room or zone in your house.

Your AirTouch system receives the information from them and responds by adjusting airflow were necessary to help maintain your chosen set point temperature for each zone. You can also check up the temperature of each zone from the touch panel or app.

With "Air-Touch 4" the wireless sensors double as On/Off switches for each zone.

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Recommendations from the AC Brisbane team:

- 1 Temeprature sensor required per zone (excluding the zone where the controller is located - eg living area).
If you have a three bedroom home and the main controller is located in the living area, 3 sensors are required - 1 for each bedroom. The main controller is used as the forth sensor.


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