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Zimi Powermesh 2 Gang GPO - Smart Home Power Points

Zimi | Model: 299186 Zimmi 2 GPO W
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Zimi Powermesh 2 Gang GPO - Smart Home Power PointsZimi Powermesh 2 Gang GPO - Smart Home Power PointsZimi Powermesh 2 Gang GPO - Smart Home Power PointsZimi Powermesh 2 Gang GPO - Smart Home Power Points

 Zimi Powermesh 2 gang GPO in white or black.

Switch, monitor and manage power in your home with a few simple clicks. Traditional faceplates with on/off indicators and energy monitoring technology, all connected wirelessly to your home’s Powermesh network.

Simply replace your existing PowerPoint take and control of your appliances with the convenience of Zimi. Home automation is now an affordable luxury for everyone, it’s so easy for you to take control today.

Smart Connectivity Advanced control features include voice assistant control, Zimmi app or a simple touch.

Set & Forget timers. Inbuilt timers let you set lights and appliances to turn on and off to suit your schedule.

Power Lock Lock power switches from accidentally being turned on to improve your home’s safety and protect your loved ones.

Track energy costs in real time Zimi lets you measure the cost of your energy use in real-time. Identify energy hot spots in your home and customise their use in your settings to help the environment and your bank balance.

Integrations Integrates seamlessly with the Airtouch 4 controller

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Having the correct sized air conditioner is important. It allows the system to

  • Cool the area effectively
  • Remove the correct amount of humidity from the air
  • Be the most energy efficient option
  • Reduce motor stress on the main components
  • Increases reliability and reduces breakdowns

The truth about installing the right size air conditioner is simple. It will give you the most reward, performance and reliable operation for years to come, even on the warmest day of the year in summer.

All systems sold by Acbrisbane have a 5 year manufacturers warranty parts and labour. For more details refer to each Manufacturers warranty guidelines.
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