Winter is coming

Winter is coming!

Air conditioning isn’t only for the harsh Australian summer heat!

Installing reverse cycle air conditioning means you can easily switch from cooling to heating and enjoy comfortable temperatures all year round.

Not only will you save on purchase and installation costs compared with buying a separate heating system, you can also look forward to lower energy bills for the long term.

A reverse cycle air conditioner uses a massive 72% less than energy-guzzling portable options, according to Sustainability Victoria.  They are not only much more effective and efficient, but so much SAFER than more traditional heaters.  With so many tragic house fires during winter, surely the peace of mind of this alone, is worth the initial outlay!


  • A reverse cycle air conditioner does just what it says – it’s a cooling system that can also be run in reverse.
  • It cools your home in Summer by drawing warm air out and passing it over a refrigerant and cooling the air before pumping it back into your home.
  • Then in Winter, the refrigerant draws heat from outside (even on the coldest days) to warm your home.
  • As well as heating, these systems can also dehumidify the air and filter out contaminants to improve the air quality.
  • And as mentioned previously, as there’s no flame or heated element, reverse cycle systems avoid the safety risks of gas and electric heaters.


You can save even more on your heating costs this winter when you:

  1. Close doors & windows to prevent heat from escaping or dissipating to rooms where not required.
  2. Close curtains/blinds to reduce heat transfer through the windows. Thicker curtain fabrics and blinds will trap more heat.
  3. Ensure you have sufficient insulation in your roof and walls –will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  4. Turn off the heating at night. Try to use warm bedding instead.
  5. Schedule a yearly service to keep your air conditioning operating at peak efficiency all year round.

Please contact us today to discuss your heating and cooling options.  We can supply and install both ducted and split system reverse cycle air conditioners to all areas of Brisbane city and the northside.

For some great honest advice and a free quote, Simply give us a call!

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