Whats the difference between multihead and split system air conditioners

Whats the difference between multihead and split system air conditioners

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  1. Multi-head Air Conditioning verses split system air conditioners
  2. Multi-head split systems
  3. What is a Single Split Aircon System
  4. Conclusion

Multi-head Air Conditioning verses split system air conditioners

In Australia, there are two main types of high wall, air conditioning split systems: split and multi-head. These systems have different appearances, functionality, and are suited to different types of homes.

Multi-head split systems

These typically have more expensive upfront than single split systems because they have multiple heads, which allows for heating or cooling of multiple rooms simultaneously. Although this saves money on energy bills, it can increase the initial cost of installation.

To compare the prices of these options, let's say we want to install an air conditioning unit to cool down the kitchen and living room during hot summers. A split system would cost around $1,500-$4,000, depending on the brand and model type. On the other hand, an additional air conditioner installed just for the kitchen would cost about $1,500-$2,000 since there is no need for ducting in this case and requires less equipment.

Multi-head split systems are only available in reverse cycle in Australia. Reverse cycle is more expensive than standard heat pumps because split systems are more energy-efficient than multi-heads, and therefore, use less energy.

Multi-head indoor units can be placed in multiple locations, making it possible to heat or cool different rooms or areas of a home. This is not possible with split systems as they require ducts to distribute cold or hot air throughout the home.

What is a Single Split Aircon System

A single split system air conditioning consists of an indoor head unit (where the air is pushed out) and an outdoor unit (which draws in the air for the head unit). A great benefit is that single split aircon's are surprisingly compact and quite durable. They are by far the most common type of air conditioner used in Brisbane homes. The reasons for this is that the install cost is quite reasonable, installations can be done during construction as well as on an existing home or commercial property, and they are also very easy to maintain.


In conclusion, understanding the differences between multi-head and split systems is important when choosing the right air conditioning system for your home in Australia.

Single split systems are more efficient than multi-head systems because they have a higher power rating, which means they use less electricity. However, multi-head split systems offer better value for money if you need to heat or cool multiple rooms.

While multi-head systems are ideal for larger homes and offer better value for money, single split systems are more efficient and cost less to run, making them better suited for smaller homes.

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