Keep cool

Here are some summer tips to keep you cool!

Have your air conditioner serviced

If you have an air conditioner, with summer approaching and air conditioning use increasing. Summer is the best time to get your system checked over by a qualified tradesman.

This ensures that when the time comes to use your air conditioner it will perform its intended function. Your air conditioner needs to keep you and your family comfortable on a hot summers day.

Our tune up’s include:

  • Removal and cleaning of filters;
  • checking refrigerant pressures;
  • checking drain function;
  • cleaning and de-deodorising of coils;
  • cleaning fan blades and fans;
  • checking electrical connections and circuits boards;
  • checking and removal of vermin and eggs (gecko) if required and
  • checking overall system operation.

Get your air conditioner installed before summer and beat the crowds

If you are planning on getting an air conditioner act now. Summer is the busiest time for air conditioning installers in Brisbane. The high heat waves and the humidity in Brisbane result in literally thousands of people wanting an air conditioner. It is good to think and plan ahead for your air conditioner. Some people will often wait until the last minute and may end up waiting weeks possibly more to for the air conditioner. It’s best act before the summer heat wave.

Keep Cool with and without your air conditioning in the Brisbane summer

24 degrees is the optimal temperature to set your air conditioner. Keeping doors and windows shut will also keep the energy bills down. It might seem like having them open will keep your house cool, however it really depends on your house. If you don’t get beach breezes than Air Conditioning Brisbane suggests to keep your house cool without air conditioning by keeping your windows and doors shut with curtains drawn drawing the day time. At night time we suggest you air out the house and open the windows (if it’s safe to do so) the windows. Below is a video about how to stay cool in the summer without an air conditioner. Ultimately though an air conditioner (or maybe a pool) is the only thing that will keep you 100% comfortable in this Brisbane heat.

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