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How to keep cool and save money on your air conditioning bills in Brisbane this summer

Summer is almost here, and we’ve already had a few scorchers to give us a taste of what’s to come. Though it’s nice to sit back and blast the aircon, what’s not so hot is an exorbitant energy bill.

Australians spend a collective $4.6 billion on cooling costs each year. During the warmer months, the average Aussie will leave the aircon running for 4.3 hours per day, adding a whopping $623 to their summer quarterly bill.

Wondering how to save money on your air conditioning bill? Graham Cooke, an Energy Expert at, talks us through seven ways to cool down your energy costs this summer.

By making a few simple tweaks to your aircon usage, you could be saving yourself at least $187 on cooling costs this summer!

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How to save money on your air conditioning bill

Choose the right cooling for your home

Depending on the design of your home, some cooling options may be more effective than others. The better insulated, shaded and draught-proofed a house is, the smaller and cheaper-to-run your cooling unit should be.

Aircon calculators such as help identify the best cooling option for your circumstances, based on your location and room specifications. Cooling options include mechanical units such as fans, evaporative coolers, air conditioners and geothermal coolers.

Check your energy rating

Air conditioners vary significantly when it comes to energy consumption, so make sure to do your research before purchasing. Aircon units are included in the Energy Rating System, which rates products from one to six depending on their energy efficiency. Make sure to purchase the right size cooling unit for your home as well. Homeowners often buy units that are too large for their home, costing them unnecessary money in the process.

Clean the filter

If you’re serious about saving money on your air conditioning bill there are simple maintenance checks you can do yourself that’ll help. If your air conditioner’s filter is clogged with dust and grime, it will have to work twice as hard to pump out cool air. In some cases, it can even ice up and cease working altogether. Try to give the filter a clean every couple of months to ensure optimal performance.

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