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DIY Air Conditionining Tips from the Pro's

Here's a simple and easy way to do a basic service on your air conditioning system at home or in the office. This blog focuses specifically on split systems, however the basic instructions will also apply to ducted systems as well.

The main reason for completing a basic DIY service on your air conditioning system is to improve air quality and energy efficiency. Like every applicance that moves air (another example would be a vacuum cleaner) keeping the filters clean can dramatically improve the performance and energy efficiency of that appliance. In regards to air conditioning, it also improves the air quality you and your family breathe on a day to day basis.

With thanks to Panasonic Australia. here is the best DIY air conditioning service you can do in 5 minutes at home.

Cleaning Air Filters

All the latest highwall split systems are equipped with two main filters (and possibly a couple of secondary filters that filter out pollen etc. These will be installed by the initial installer. if you don't have these, thats okay as we are focussing on the primary 'dust' filters)

These air filters (pic above) can be removed and are ideally cleaned on a regular basis depending on the amount of use. We recommend twice a year before the summer and winter seasons to get the most out of your system in the summer highs and winter lows.

Wash the filters with cold water to remove all the dirt and dust. Leave the filters to dry thoroughly under shade and away from direct sunlight or fire (the filters are made from very thin plastic materials so hot water, sun or fire may melt these plastics and damage the filter). When they are completely dry, re-install them back into the unit.

Wall split systems with cleaned air filters are able to maximise cooling and heating performance and ensure continuous indoor air quality. Plus its soo easy to do yourself.

Cleaning Wall Split Indoor Exterior

Using pre moistened anti bacterial wipes. Wipe down all exterior panels and dry with a soft cloth (preferably a microfibre cloth). This can minimise dirt and dust collected on the panels and around the air vents.

And That's it. That's the easy guide to maintaining your air conditioning system at home. If you need any further assistance, or would like professional servicing. Contact us today by "Clicking Here"

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