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Covid-19 and Air Conditioners


Covid-19 the invisible enemy

As Covid-19 spreads across the globe in 2020, the health and wellbeing of your friends and family has never been more important. Until this unprecedented global crisis has passed or a vaccine is widely available, the draconian measures the governments must implement are here to stay. We are all fighting an invisible enemy that knows no borders and does not discriminate.

What To Do

At time of writing, As always please follow medical guidelines and seek professional advice from a qualified medical practitioner. We have also received guidance from the Australian government which includes practicing social distancing, self isolation and thoroughly cleaning of hands and surfaces. For more information regarding covid-19 from the Australian government please click HERE

Covid-19 and Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning systems in homes, offices and hospitals pose a significant risk. Most highwall Air Conditioners work by recirculating the air that's present in the area it is cooling. An infected person entering and spreading the virus unknowingly may increase the spread to healthy people through the air conditioning system. The virus can survive for up to four hours on copper cooling surfaces Source . This can equate to hundreds or thousands of people if this is transmitted in a hospital or general practitioners office. If you suspect an air conditioner has been exposed to a person who has fallen ill to Covid-19 we recommend calling your local professional air conditioning company to clean and sanitise your system(s) immediately. For a list of professionally trained air conditioning companies please click here. (Pro tip; To get a fully trained air conditioning technicians choose "Home air conditioning > installation, service, decommissioning (all types of air conditioners) to access only qualified air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics in your area) For a bit of shameless self promotion, you will find our company here

The Panasonic Difference.

After being approached to supply air conditioning systems for temporary doctors clinics with special focus on not spreading the virus even further, we got to work and dove head first into researching all manufacturers filtration specs. I must have personally read at least six hundred pages of specs, spread sheets and brochures. What we found was very interesting indeed.

Most manufacturers have some form of anti bacterial, anti virus and anti dust/pollen filters. However one product stood head and shoulders above the rest. That system is the Panasonic "Z" series. Link to Z series

Approved by the national asthma council Australia and with built in filter features including anti bacterial and anti virus properties. Combined with 'nano g' technology to further increase the rate of capture, the choice for the health and wellbeing of the visiting patients was clear.

For more information on how this system works please click here

With so much information to absorb in this post, here is the TLDR; The Panasonic system has been previously tested with the SARS Coronavirus epidemic and was found to supress highly resistant infectious viruses. 








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