Looking after our Environment

Cool the cost of your energy bills to your pocket and the Environment!

There is nothing quite like air conditioning in the heat of summer or the heart of winter. Even more so when you live in South East Queensland!

Did you know that the effectiveness and energy efficiency of your air conditioning unit can come down to how well it is installed? Even the most energy efficient units, when installed incorrectly, can bring sweat to your brow as you open your energy bill.

At Air Conditioning Brisbane we give you the comfort of air-conditioning without costly clean-up bill that comes from an incorrectly installed system. Providing commercial and residential air conditioning installation, preventative maintenance, service, breakdown diagnosis and repairs to Brisbane city and Northern Suburbs- we draw on our 15 years’ experience to ensure your Air Conditioning unit is installed correctly while also functioning optimally.

Cool the cost of your energy bills with your air conditioning!

Household energy use %
Heating and cooling 40
Water heating 21
Appliances and equipment including refrigeration and cooking 33
Lighting 6

As you can see Heating an cooling makes up 40% of the energy consumption in a normal household- this is a large chunk of your energy bills.

According to the Department of the Environment and Energy website, Australian households are directly responsible for about 20% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. The average household’s energy use generates over 7 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from its premises, which could be significantly reduced by reducing energy use through good design, the use of energy efficient technologies, and behaviour that focuses on energy conservation.

At Air Conditioning Brisbane we aim to ensure that the products that we install are the most Environmentally friendly and energy efficient products on the market. We are confident that our expert technicians can reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioning by up to 10%  as we take extra precautions by utilising advanced diagnostic tools and equipment that minimise refrigerant leaks, and reduce energy consumption. While it takes a little extra time and effort on our part, we know it will Not only save you thousands in the long run, it will ensure you are doing your part in the fight against climate change.

To find out more ways you can help prevent climate change – click here 

There is no planet B!

At the end of the day each of us have a responsibility to do our part in looking after the world we live in. This, and the savings we know we can provide you with, is the reason we go the extra mile. Let’s just say it helps our sleep at night factor. It works out well for you too, the greener you are, the more of those green bills you get to keep in your wallet!

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