Air Conditioning Moreton Bay

Air Conditioning Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay is a beautiful coastal bay, located 14 kilometers from central Brisbane, Queensland.

Moreton Bay consists of several suburbs consisting of Redcliffe, Clontarf, Deception Bay, Kippa-Ring, Margate, Newport, Rothwell ,Scarborough and Woody Point. Each suburb is in very close proximity to the beach or a short drive to the shoreline, making it a very attractive area to live and work.

The area has a diverse range of housing and buildings from 1960's colonial housing to new multi level high rise apartments and even canal living in New Port.

Air Conditioning Moreton Bay

Due to such a diverse range of housing on the Redcliffe peninsular, Air conditioning systems installed in these suburbs face different challenges depending on each suburb.

For example, Suburbs close to the coast line are generally more susceptible to corrosion from the salt air, so additional steps must be taken to treat the air conditioner outdoor units with anti corrosion treatment. Another example would be, more established suburbs like Clontarf and Margate still have a large volume of older homes and businesses that contain Asbestos. Additional steps must be implemented to remove this safely before commencing the air conditioner installation. 

With such a diverse range of objects to overcome in each suburb, it is vital to get the right contractor. One who knows the area well and the hurdles it must overcome to keep you and your family safe.

AC Brisbane supplies and installs air conditioning systems and has been in operating in Moreton Bay for 10 years. We're proud locals and know each and every suburb's intricacies and have the right solution for every hurdle we're presented with.

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