Air Conditioning in Redcliffe

The Moreton Bay region has it all! Beautiful beaches, coastal breezes, stunning hinterland, extensive wildlife- you name it we have it!

Unfortunately, not all Air Conditioners are made to withstand the conditions our beautiful Moreton Bay region throws at them and we have had a lot of experience dealing with such systems.

At Air Conditioning Brisbane we are determined to supply the most efficient and effective systems for our customers which is why the brands and systems we supply are designed for our climate here on the South East coast of Queensland.


So Why do we choose Panasonic?

Blue Fin Condenser

The condenser fins are specially blue-coated to enhance its durability.
These specially coated layers serve as protection against corrosion from air, water and other corrosives. This is a very important feature when installing air conditioners close to the ocean as the salt in the air is a very high corrosive to condensers.

Silicone coated PCB boards

The PCB boards are coated with silicone making them Gecko proof and protected against corrosion. In our area we replace PCB boards every week due to Gecko damage - and they are not cheap!! Geckos are a big issue for Compressors as they short out the system leaving you hot and broke!

Panasonic holds a 5 star Canstar rating which covers all aspects of testing and their systems are tested under the harshest conditions making them perfect for the Moreton Bay region!





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