AC Brisbane Becomes part of the Panasonic Specialist Air Network

Exciting news! Air Conditioning Brisbane has been awarded the title of Panasonic Specialist Air Network dealer. Only the most trusted and reliable companies are awarded this prestigious title. We are very proud of our team and management for this accomplishment. You can rely on us to deliver only the highest quality of works and we are fully backed by the giant manufacturer in case of warranty related issues.

The sole reason we initially chose Panasonic over the other competitors was their failure rate. At 0.04% compared to an average of 2% from other manufacturers, our decision was easy. We knew right from the get go, if we provided the best product on the market (see Canstar blue awards 2016) and implemented the best trade practices and training for our skilled technicians, we had a prefect formula for sustainable growth of the company and happy clients throughout Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

We have installed more than 2,000 split and ducted systems over the past 24 months with only a single warranty related issue. As this was the first we have come across, we kept in close contact with the customer to check the progress of the warranty repair. The customer was delighted by the follow up service from the warranty agents and swiftness of the repair.

Our long term vision and mission statement is still the same as it was when we started. We want to… “Provide energy efficient heating and cooling solutions that are environmentally friendly and cost effective in the long term”. By partnering with only the best manufacturers and employing over the top trade practices, you can rely on us to deliver an energy efficient air conditioning solution.

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