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Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioner 20kw

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Panasonic 20.0kw Split ducted system

Model: S - 200PE3R5B / U - 200PZH2R8

Cooling:  5.7kw - 22.4kw  |  Heating: 5.0kw - 25.0kw

Airflow: 1400 Litres/Second

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 Technician data
Pipework: 3/4 + 1/2

Plenum sizes: 

Return: 1070mm x 300mm    Supply: 964mm x 320mm

Weight: Indoor: 105kg  |  Outdoor: 200kg

Drain: 25mm with breather pipe.

Wiring: Three-phase required. Shielded 1mm two core cable and 2.5mm twin and earth (interconnect) 

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